Rhapsody, the last personal project of Mauro Corinti, is a tribute to a provincial land, on the frontier between Marche and Abruzzo.

2016 — editorial



Tiralento was created on the spur of emotion by a group of cycling veterans, united by their great passion for cycling, who wanted people to rediscover the unique clothing and footwear worn by competitive cyclists up to the late 1970s. Design and development of the e-commerce website.

2015 — web



Three books for a signed fine art print: parolamia is the ambitious project with which the photographer Giovanni Marrozzini aspires to set up a library to guide the formation of his two young children.

2015 — identity, web



Photos and website for architecture and design studio ipalmini.

2014 — web, photography



Logotype for the new brand of leather handbags Briotti 17.

2014 — identity

Briotti 17


Graphic design and page layout of the catalogues Elena Iachi and Elena Iachi sneakers. Photo Leonardo Rinaldesi, art direction Eva Squadroni.

2014 — editorial

Elena Iachi


Graphic design and page layout of the fall-winter 2014/15 catalogue of the Italian shoes brand Strategia. Photo Leonardo Rinaldesi, art direction Eva Squadroni

2014 — editorial



Website for the contemporary artist Alan Sbaffi. His prolific work – all made ​​on canvases of the same size – it’s all focused on a single subject: the woman.

2014 — web

Alan Sbaffi


Website development, promotional material, shoebox and logotype redesign for Elia Maurizi, a young shoe stylist moved by a passion for all that belongs to the past.

2014 — identity, advertising, web, packaging

Elia Maurizi


Visual identity project for the architect Andrea Mercati based on a single typeface, one weight, two sizes from business cards to A0, a monochromatic palette. The website enhances his essential architectural expression.

2014 — identity, web

Andrea Mercati


Brochure, photography, business cards, advertising campaign and website for Giovenali, a carpentry specialized in fitted kitchens and furniture.

2013 — editorial, advertising, web, photography



Website development and promotional material for Teste di Legno, a duo of ironical, playful and provocative designers.

2013 — advertising, web, photography

Teste di legno


Exhibition design and promotional material for the exhibition Ape/car identità in movimento by Mauro Corinti, at the Galleria Insieme of Ascoli Piceno. The photographer has researched the widespread use of three wheeled vehicles among teenagers in the Marche hinterland. The exhibition is organized by Anna Laura Petrucci.

2013 — advertising, environment



Graphic design and website development for Giovanni Marrozzini, from where he promotes his unique residential photography workshops in Italy and abroad.

2013 — web

Giovanni Marrozzini


Liberi da contratto are those workers who are under a continuous state of job insecurity with scarce social protection, ignored by the mass media but not by the revenue; they are self-employed professionals who work in the field of knowledge, art and creativity. This photographical project has become a self-edited book published in 40 copies.

2012 — editorial, photography

Liberi da contratto


Logotype design and website development for HENRYTIMI, a brand of minimalist objects and complementary furnishings developed by the founder Henry Timi and by Claudio Silvestrin, Mario Nanni, Federico Delrosso, Susanna Bianchini.

2012 — identity, web



Sine tempore, a timeless travel into the Middle Ages is a self-published book by the photographer Norris Cocci, as the result of years of travelling in Italy in search for the most picturesque medieval historical re‑enactments. Texts by Ferdinando Scianna, Francesco Colotta, Anna Maurizi.

2012 — editorial

Sine Tempore, a Timeless travel into the Middle Ages


Exhibition design — in collaboration with Monica Simoni — of Licini-Morandi divergenze parallele. About a hundred works displayed at the two locations in Fermo and Monte Vidon Corrado. The exhibition, promoted by the Province of Fermo, is organized by Marilena Pasquali and Daniela Simoni.

2011 — environment

Licini-Morandi divergenze parallele


Exhibition design, catalogue design and promotional materials for Simili ai fiori che bucano la neve by the photographer Daniele Cinciripini, organized at the Palazzina Azzurra of San Benedetto del Tronto. Sixteen elderly people narrate their lives in relation to the city.

2011 — editorial, advertising, environment

Simili ai fiori che bucano la neve


Graphic design and layout of the catalogue of the door brand Tiziano Rubini. The letters that form the name of the brand are printed on the opened spine. The technical section at the end of the catalogue is printed in two-colours on uncoated paper.

2010 — editorial

Tiziano Rubini


Logotype, corporate identity, advertising campaigns, window dressing, photographs and website development for Civico, a shop that offers a highly selective choice of home decor and objects.

2010 — identity, advertising, web, environment, photography



Logotype — redesigned in collaboration with Lando Landi — and logo guidelines for Brosway, a brand of stainless steel and silver jewellery and watches.

2009 — identity



Fili attorcigliati is a self-edited photographic book published in nine copies that describes the country of Japan where modernity and tradition, punks and geishas, salary men and street vendors mix and intermingle in unexpected ways.

2008 — editorial, photography

Fili attorcigliati